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                  UK Simake Communication Group LTD  is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of Frequency Control,and Hybrid Product solutions using the very latest techniques in both bulk acoustic wave (BAW) and surface acoustic wave (SAW) based designs from DC to microwave frequencies. Products include crystals and crystal oscillators; frequency translators; clock anddata recovery products; SAW filters; Crystal filters and components used in telecommunications, data communications, frequency synthesizers, timing, navigation, military, aerospace and instrumentation systems.

                  The company’s commitment to superior research and development has served to keep it in the forefront of leading edge crystal and oscillator technologies. Today,  Simake  provides high performance frequency control solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations in terms of price, quality, applications engineering, and customer support.

                  Founded in 1976, SIMAKE has been at the vanguard of advanced crystal and oscillator technology for many years. Since 1987 SIMAKE  has transitioned to become one of the largest global providers of frequency control solutions; offering a complete and diversified product portfolio into multiple high growth markets including smart wireless devices, telecommunications, positioning and aerospace.

                  SIMAKE 's product range comprises of low stability Crystal Oscillators (XO), Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXOs) and crystal products, through to high volume precision Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXOs), Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXOs), Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) oscillators and specialised products for extreme performance.

                   Head office is based inUK, manufacturing operations in  theUK,Germany andChina. Sales offices are located throughout the world.

                  We offer a complete crystal oscillator capability, ranging from standard clock oscillators to MCXO's, all of which meet our very high standard in design. Cimake prides itself on the high standards that are set for its products; frequency control devices produce an electrical signal that has the following attribute:

                  Accuracy---  the frequency of the signal does not change significantly over a period of time.

                  Stability---  the frequency of the signal does not vary significantly when our product is subjected to a range of operati ng environments.

                  Low Noise---  the signal does not add interfering signals that can degrade the performance of electronic systems.

                  High Reliability---  each military oscillator is burned-in at 125℃ for 168 hours, temperature cycled and centrifuged then fully tested in accordance with MIL-STD-883B, MIL-PRF-553

                  Simake’s business strategy is to proactively pursue leading edge crystal and oscillator technologies, focusing them on meeting customer needs. This ensures that customers receive the most cost effective frequency management products available in today’s global marketplace. Simake  products feature precise frequency tolerance and stability, wide frequency ranges, smaller packages, low phase noise and jitter, and most importantly, they meet or surpass the customers’ specifications.

                  Mission Statement:

                  Cimake For the world progress innovation, for the high efficient steady and continuous efforts!

                  Uality Statement:

                  Excellent quality with a hundred year history,and high cost performance!

                  Environmental Statement:

                  Strictly control in accordance with ROHS system, products can meet ROSH;

                  Our continued pursuit of excellence in environmental compliance will involve regular monitoring,

                  updating and upgrading of our standards and the complete commitment of our employees.

                  斯瑪克通訊(深圳)有限公司是一家晶振銷售廠家,主營TCXO溫補晶振和OCXO恒溫晶振,有源晶振的定制研發和銷售,晶振主要代理地區包括深圳,廣東,湖北,湖南,河南河北,西安和四川,上海等,歡迎前來免費報價。斯瑪克通訊(深圳)有限公司是UK SIMAKE COMMUNICATION GROUP LTD設立的大中華區客戶服務中心??偛课挥谟骱?,為英國國防部指定供應商,2012年轉型為股份制私營企業。
                  百年品質,性價比最高;“ CIMAKE ”品牌晶振已經得到眾多客戶、研發團隊的認可,我們用心專業打造適合客戶需求的優良產品,讓產品在市場更有競爭力,爭取讓客戶滿意度達到百分之百。

                  我們的產品線有:TCXO VCTCXO VCXO OCXO XO ;TCXO溫補晶振穩定度高,精度可以達到0.005PPM 。VCXO高頻晶振我們可以做到1.7G; OCXO恒溫晶振封裝體積小穩定度更好 5PPB,相噪更好。滿足客戶需求是我們的宗旨,可以按客戶提出指標進行設計定制方案,我們有專業打樣團隊,提供樣品交期快:2-3周,交期常用頻點工廠有備有庫存交期2周。

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